Creative Studio

Paragon Art


Artist Workshops

Paragon is hosting informative and artistic workshops. Holders can attend and interact with top artists from the Solana community. Certain workshops will be recorded for our Holders to watch at a later date.


Pass Holders receive free entry into all Paragon & partner events.
Paragon events are centered around 1/1 art on display from Pass Holders.
Events Include:
Art Exhibitions, Open Bar, Live Auctions, Live DJ & More

Art Displays

All Paragon Pass Holders can display their artwork at Paragon events.
Pass Holders will also be eligible to hold live auctions while their artwork is on display.


xSD is the founder of Paragon. He first joined the Solana NFT space as an artist.Since then, he has leveraged his entrepreneurial background to grow Paragon into an incubator for artists. xSD has helped artists gross tens of thousands in sales with their NFT artwork.xSD's main focus is to grow Paragon through IRL events and expand Paragon's services to more artists.


OUTKAST (aka koreancatdog) is Paragon’s creative director. OUTKAST is passionate about helping artists, especially the underdogs.Since joining the NFT art scene he has worked to inspire others to create and to have faith.OUTKAST plans to help Paragon artists grow their influence in the community and hopes to be a role model in the NFT space.

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